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The Spirit of Punk

This is not a review of MET GALA Punked up Celebrities


We’ve seen the celebrities.


And of course Madonna. ( Still in love with her since 1986)


But I want to remind all the Fashion Lovers who may be too young to have remembered this awesome era when Punk was really about that DIY spirit. Once upon a time a smart A@@ common folk like you and me picked up a paper clip and made history.


It was never meant to be fashionable but an explosive spirit of youthful self-assurance who rocked out to CBGB.




Definitely not polished.

And even Naive!

But the spirit of self-expression is genuine and fun and you are suppose to make it yourself or with your friends.


Then like all the other youth movements that came before, Punk has become standarized, codified, and on the Red Carpet.

Is it wrong? Depends on which angle you take, but what is sure is that when that spirit of independence is mass-produced, something’s gotta give.

I still remember the closing down of CBGB in St. Marks right down the street from my college back in early 2000’s. Together with it, Punk became fashion history.


Ironically, it’s through mass-produced fashion brands that the next generation of young fashionistas are reminded of Punk.


Givency featured on Moda Operandi



Mother of Punk: Vivienne Westwood.

Minimal Type of Gal

Model Kiko Mizuhara


Do you find yourself always the woman looking from outside in and surrounded by 4 white walls and nothing else?

But you prefer it that way anyways, as the empty space allows you to breath and think in your own pace and on your own terms. 

You are the type of woman who’s perfectly fine left to her own device, because you know all too well that the glitter of parties and juices of gossips never amuse you as much as your own thoughts. 

Between you and me, though you don’t mind the occasional bother by these gossipmongers and party butterflies, you and I both understand that they are a bore to you.

Nothing they offer can be taken home.

Nothing they offer will last long. 

A smart woman such as you, create your own space and maintain it so that when the true inspiration finally comes, you are ready to seize it. 

So when Black Iris comes, or black inspiration in flower speak, a minimal type of gal such as you is too shrewd to let if fly away;

From you.

Without you. 


Black Iris Satchel from Black Iris Collection