I'm an artist and I design handbag accessories and create fashion illustrations. Available for commissioned works and other collaborations.

Fashion Bloggers Collaboration

Hello Moda Lovers!

Remember that Fashion Blogging Competition jointly hosted by ModaRevise and Fashion Bloggers? Below are 3 super uber talented fashion bloggers from Brazil, LA, and of course Milano~ who have won the contest!

What can I say, the next couple months will be wow wow WOW so stay tune and enjoy the many fashion surprises  that are to come!

Bruna Rodrigues

Nome/Name: Bruna Rodrigues


Idade/Age: 20

Actress, singer, writer and model. Multifaceted business administration student and future businesswoman. Big dreamer and determined fighter. 

Sobre/About: Atriz, cantora, escritora e modelo. Multifacetada estudante de administração e futura empresária. Assumida sonhadora e determinada lutadora. Apresentadora do MarsCast. 

“The world is in the hands of those who has got the courage to take risks to live their dreams.”

“O mundo está nas mãos daqueles que tem a coragem de correr riscos para viver seus sonhos.”

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Hey isn’t that Moda’s Ukiyo-e Shoulder bag! :D
To see the actual bag please visit:

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Kelsey Nguyen

My name is Kelsey and I am an eighteen-year-old fashion blogger from Los Angeles, California. I love the beautiful mixture of fashion and writing and it is my dream to one day work as a journalist for a fashion magazine. I am also the editor-in-chief of Atelier Indigo, an online magazine for fashion daydreamers and style realists.

The type of fashion I love the most of the fashion of people you see on the streets everyday. Whether it is a girl in your science class or a woman at the coffee shop, the outfits and unique styles of reality is what inspires me the most. It is just so interesting to me how everyone has such a personal sense of style that is custom tailored to fit their needs and their personalities, and it drives me to build-up my own style and voice my life through my wardrobe. Though I do love the high-end fashion from couture runway shows as well, the everyday fashion of the world is what truly inspires me to think creatively when it comes style.



Federica di Nardo

I’m Federica, Fashion Blogger from Italy, I live near Milan.
Fashion is one of my big passions, I’m mainly into the street-fashion style,  and I have a real obsession for leggings.
I also love a more feminine and cute style, like the bon-ton fashion with  lace and ruffles.
I love to create, and, sometimes, to sew my own dresses.. I’m totally addicted to the DIY to personalize my outfits.
Another thing you  must know about me is that I love everything that is Japanese.
My favourite stylist is Vivienne Westwood.
In my free time I love to model with professional photographers: when I think about a photography I always have a goal, Amaze.
With my team we love to look for the perfect location and  fix the set.
I can easily create accessories, so, if I get the chance to model for you, I would like to realize something that can match up with  your products.
(Example: I saw this dress on your website and I immediately thought about a setting with gears and clocks..something very steampunk! )
Gentile redazione di ModaRévisé,
Sono Federica, Fashion Blogger Italiana. Abito vicino Milano.
La moda è una delle mie grandi passioni, mi trovo molto a mio agio in particolare nello Street Fashion e ho una vera e propria ossessione per i leggings.
Mi piace anche  uno stile più delicato e femminile, quello Bon-Ton, con pizzi e merletti.
Amo creare, talvolta realizzo io stessa i miei abiti….  amo tantissimo il DIY.
Un’altra cosa che c’è da sapere su di me è che amo follemente qualsiasi cosa sia giapponese.
La mia stilista preferita è Vivienne Westwood.
Nel tempo libero mi diletto a fare da modella con fotografi professionisti: quando penso alla fotografia da realizzare ho sempre un obiettivo, stupire.
Insieme al mio team amiamo cercare la location perfetta ed allestire il set.
Mi piace realizzare accessori, quindi se avrò l’opportunità di lavorare con voi, mi piacerebbe creare qualcosa che possa far risaltare i vostri prodotti.
(Ad esempio: Ho visto questo abito sul vostro sito ed ho subito pensato ad un set steampunk, con ingranaggi ed accessori…)
Mi piacerebbe inoltre realizzare dei brevi “Video Musicali” (con attrezzatura professionale, Canon 7D e Flycam) indossando le vostre creazioni, brevi trailer con canzoni accattivanti, sempre facendovi pubblicità.
Spero davvero di collaborare con voi

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Me: A year has 365 days for you to study. After taking away 52 Sundays, there are only 313 days left. There are 50 days in the summer that is way too hot to work so there are only 263 days left. We sleep 8 hours a day, in a year, that counts up to 122 days so now we're left with 141 days. If we fooled around for only 1 hour a day, 15 days are gone, so we are left with 126 days. We spend 2 hours eating each day, 30 days are used in this way in the year, and we are left with 96 days in our year. We spend 1 hour a day speaking to friends and family, that takes away 15 days more and we are left with 81 days. Exams and tests take up at least 35 days in your year, hence you are only left with 46 days. Taking off approximately 40 days of holidays, you are only left with 6 days. Say you are sick for a minimum of 3 days, you're left with 3 days in the year to study! Let's say you only go out for 2 days... You're left with 1 day. But that 1 day is your birthday.